Kraftwerk + Line 39

Mockup (Total Time 12.5 Hours)
Please view the mockup here and note that at the bottom of each page there is a link to switch to either mobile or desktop view.

Software Used
Illustrator, Photoshop, XD, After Effects, Evernote

Montserrat (400/700)
Merriweather (100)

Font Choice

I typically like to use fonts that are readily available through Google Web Fonts. I like Montserrat because it works well for body type, in contrast to Merriweather which is a nice contrasting serif title font.


Static imagery does not do the Line 39 brand justice, and for that reason I would not choose a static header image. Their focus on adventure and community is best communicated through video, so I chose to add a video background to the home page header (example above, not live in XD mockup).  They had a few well crafted videos available on YouTube that I utilized to mock this up. Additionally, I chose to add store locator and delivery options immediately above the fold.

In the interest of maximizing DTC sales, I would also add an email sign up pop up 5-20 seconds after the website loads.

I would make the nav bar sticky on desktop so that the site is easier to navigate while browsing.

Below the Fold

In the interest of maximizing sales, I would occupy the first below the fold spot with top rated wines of each varietal.

I also wanted to call attention to the story behind Line 39, as I found the history of the name and their approach to wine making quite interesting. 


I’ve displayed 3 recent Accolades in the mockup. This area might also be well suited to showcase 1 recent Accolade and related quote to make it even more appealing.

Social Media

I chose to include a single line of 6 recent Instagram posts (4 on mobile). I wanted to put an emphasis on their hashtag #findyourline as they generally use the #findyour- prefix to hashtags during promotional campaigns, and it might be fun to change seasonally. Since their last Instagram post was Mother’s Day 2020 and on Facebook January 2020, I would prefer to know more about their social media strategy looking forward so that there isn’t outdated content prominent on the site.


I would include the email signup in the footer of every page to maximize marketing value. I also wanted to call attention to the Line 39 AR app because it has built in features for store location and could be a very useful marketing tool.

Research (2.5 hours):

  • Kraftwerk (Digital Wine Portfolio)
  • Line 39 (Website/Instagram/Facebook/YouTube/App)
  • Google

Since Kraftwerk specializes in web design for wineries, I wanted to get a feel for the Kraftwerk approach, as well as make sure that I was creating a design that was unique from work that has already been created. 

I researched Line 39 online as extensively as possible. Since they have no official tasting room or wine club, online sales through their website and store locators are essential.

Design (10 hours):

“Our ultimate goal is to show wine consumers that good wine does not always come with a hefty price tag.”

Wine, like life, is meant to be an experience. Line 39 is a brand with a proven track record, receiving rave reviews across their entire line while maintaining a price point that will appeal to both new and seasoned wine enthusiasts.

“The 39th parallel runs through the heart of California wine country and is the inspiration behind Line 39 wines.”

This is the foundation of my design direction for Line 39 wines. The lines in the logo are an essential design element, and I wanted to use them throughout the design whenever possible.

Modern, Eclectic, Adventurous

Across all social channels, Line 39 feels young and fresh, utilizing bright color palettes and diverse scenery. Their label designs, while stylish themselves, are very focused, with classier reds, flowery bright whites, and their provocative red blend.

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