Daily Log | July 30, 2020

A somewhat detailed account of what I did today.

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Vision Boards and Inspiration Walls in Figma

For years now I’ve been searching for some kind of way to visually display ideas. I don’t want to print stuff out and tape it up all over the walls because I find it incredibly distracting, and at some point claustrophobic. I would prefer to keep said display digital so I can access it from everywhere.

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Saving Money on Hosting: Hello Namecheap, So Long GoDaddy

When I was a younger lad of 18, I bought my first URL from Canaca.com. This was during the early 2000’s, so domains and hosting were priced a bit differently. I had hopes of starting a trendy internet magazine and inviting all of my friends to contribute content. I also created a slew of failed webcomics, which were super hot at the time (webcomics in general, not mine).

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