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Hi. My name is Michael Muranaka. I was born in Santa Maria, CA in 1985. I enjoy cooking, watching horror movies, and taking long, introspective drives with my daughter. I grew up loving to draw, make stop-motion movies, listen to the radio, and daydream. In college I studied video game design, but during my studies I discovered that I was much more interested in learning Photoshop and making comics. When I graduated, I had a short stint teaching Illustrator, which sparked a love for creating vector graphics that hasn’t left me since. I’ve lived in Oxnard, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, and El Salvador, all the while pursuing my interests in Art, Music, Graphic and Web Design.

I currently live on the Central Coast with my beautiful wife, baby daughter, and 2 fat doggos.

I have been a professional Graphic and Web Designer for over 12 years. I love to practice and learn more about my craft. I love learning new software, new processes, and new techniques and shortcuts.

If you’re interested, get in touch, or check out my blog.