The Evolution of Brandon

February 13, 2018

This project started off as an intended entry for the RPGMaker IGMC, and although I gave up at some point, I am still trying to finish this mother.

The main character of SKIN is named Brandon. I don’t have much backstory yet, but for all intents and purposes he is a single 34 year old homebody who is content working his 9-5 to pay his rent and play some Playstation in his downtime.

Initially my plan (since I was on a tight time constraint) was to just get everything done and keep it simple. The reason for revision 1 was that the first iteration didn’t fit well within the 32×32 pixel character area, meaning Brandon got a bit taller and chunkier in order to fit. With the smaller character it was awkward for the character to walk into walls, as it would leave a weird gap between the character and wall, making it even more awkward to interact with other characters. After about a month or so of sitting on all of my ideas, I decided that I wanted to scrap everything I had done in an attempt to make everything more aesthetically pleasing, as well as a bit more detailed and colorful.

Another issue I had, for example, is that I did very little initial planning and took more of a freestyle create-as-you go approach, which I thought showed in the design of the early areas of the game. The exterior of Brandon’s apartment complex initially looked like a side entrance to a crack-house, and now the improved version looks like a seedy, but passable apartment complex.

I hope to complete this game before the end of the year, but I have some big life events coming up that might hinder that happening. Wish me luck!

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My name is Michael Muranaka and I am a Digital Artist from Southern California. I have been drawing for as long as I can remember, and from an early age I had aspirations of being a comic book artist. Some of my favorite comics are the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series, Scud: The Disposable Assassin, and The Darkness, among many others.

I am obsessed with animation, especially the absurd and crudely drawn. I have also been creating music with my computer for nearly 2 decades.