Stinktober #1 & #2

October 11, 2016

Michael Muranaka – An Annoyance / Lameboy

Well it looks like I fudged the bucket and told you too many words to know.

Almost a month ago, in one of my fits of overflowing optimism, I attempted to get into the Inktober spirit early, and not only did I fail, but I missed the beginning of Inktober.



So now here I am trying to get back on track with some 2-a-days here. I present to you: 2 things I drew and 2 beats I made. I colored ’em too, son. For better or for worse. For richer or for poorer. Most likely in sickness. Pray for me?


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My name is Michael Muranaka. I am an artist from Southern California. I like rap music, Vine compilations, and connoisseur gummy bears.