Stink-tober (Prelims 02)

Michael Muranaka – Windows

In which I decided I need to add more categories to my website. And here we are on day 2. As you can see, yesterday I was trying to reload the cartridge in my quill pen and I had the brilliant idea to squeeze the hell out of it until ink came out of the tip. To continue this slightly sordid yarn, ink exploded out of my pen in a glorious, if quick an unsatisfying fashion. The ink also bled through a few pages. No harm done right? It’s not October yet, and I still have a bit of time, but I can see that I need to start doing this earlier so I can take more time on the arts and the colorings and whatnot. Also, I’m finally about to play The Last of Us, and boy am I jazzed as all hell. Before I wrap, my wife and I are enjoying the 2012 cartoon Unsupervised, which I only now realized for whatever reason that the show is titled that because the main characters don’t have parents. It’s on Netflix. It’s late! I must sleep!