Font Licensing Agreement

All of my fonts on are now 100% free, regardless of what the website states, I am in the process of updating all of the fonts. This means that all fonts available on are free for both personal and commercial use. No permission is required whatsoever to use any of my fonts from commercially.

You MAY NOT however redistribute my fonts on any other website, or sell my fonts as part of a font collection. These fonts are intended for designers, font lovers, and anyone who can find a use for them. I appreciate all the support I have received and hope to continue making fonts for many years to come!

  • Emmanuel

    Hi, just to let you know that I will be using your font for a poster for a charity organization. Thanks for making them free to use for commercial purposes like this. Really making my work both easier and look nicer. Thanks again!

    • mgmuranaka

      No problem! Feel free! If you could send me a link to your design when finished that would be fantastic, but if you don’t have time no worries. I will be coming out with a few new fonts in the next couple of weeks! Happy designing!

  • Greg

    Thank you for Dolce Vita! We made great use of it on my wife’s jewelry site:

    • michael

      Very nice!!! Really glad you were able to make use of the font! Good luck with your store and thanks for sharing!

    • mgmuranaka

      Very nice!!! Really glad you were able to make use of the font! Good luck with your store and thanks for sharing!

  • Silo-18

    Thanks for making Dolce Vita! It’s exactly what I was looking for! I’m a DJ/Producer and wanted a clean looking font and found this to create a logo for myself. Thank you!

  • Matty

    hello, i want to use your font “dolce vita”. What can i do?!

    • mgmuranaka

      Hi Matty, Dolce Vita is free to use both personally and commercially, you needn’t do anything. You may not redistribute the font yourself, but other than that feel free to use the font for your projects. Good luck!

  • Janosch

    Thanks for Dolce Vita! Greetings, Debonair

  • Nathaniel

    Thanks dude, appreciated

  • Priyank

    Thanks for the Dolce Vita Font man! It’s awesome!

  • pix

    Great font! ;) Can I use it in my logo ? Thanks a lot ;)

    • pix

      I mean Giorgio font. Thanks !

  • dk

    Thank you for sharing your fonts for free :)

  • Max Roald Eckardt

    Can I embed your fonts as custom fonts on webpages? That would be a form of distribution, since the font file is loaded onto the client for rendering. A visitor could potentially save the font file when “inspecting” the page’s sources.

    • mgmuranaka

      Hello Max! I appreciate you asking, but I don’t see a problem in embedding the font on a website. It’s not DIRECTLY redistributing the font, you aren’t posting it with the intent to distribute the font in any way. The reason why I added that stipulation in the licensing agreement is because many smaller font sites basically download fonts from other websites and offer them for download themselves without consent, and others go as far as to sell fonts for their own monetary gain. Other people have embedded my fonts in the past and I am totally fine with it. I will definitely add a section about font embedding into the licensing agreement. Thanks!

  • kerrie

    I’m desperate to use one of your fonts, TOKYO POP STAR, but i can’t download it from dafont as it won’t open , could you help?