Inktober 5/6/7/8

Some more inktober colors for Chicken, Drooling, Star, and Exhausted. Feeling pretty good. Gettin’ lotsa arts done. Watching Bridesmaids for the jillionth time and eating gummy bears. I think all of them are pretty straightforward. I colored in “star” without lines for the fun of it. Like fun I did.

Huell Night

My wife and I finished re-watching Breaking Bad recently. We’re also elbow deep (nice save right?) in the new season of Better Call Saul. One thing I always found interesting is how weird of a character study (visually) Huell is. It’s also interesting that he and his sidekick are both comedians in real life, I …

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Watched V/H/S with the wifey the other day. That movie was wrecked. I just realized that I am so old that I remember Maneater by Hall & Oates and Maneater by Nelly Furtado and I both of those songs are old as hell already. Isn’t that special? Sketch:

Character a Day Challenge #1

I’m out here trying this new Character a Day Challenge. The cool part is that it’s not so much a formal challenge, but more a personal challenge to try and get people to create, which I like. I’m hoping to also get this colored this week.