La Foka #1

I have this problem where I have all these ideas and no follow-through, and as the venerable and wise Gary Vaynerchuck says “Ideas are shit.” So rather than buy a URL, lay out said URL, and never post to it, I’ll just post all of my miscellaneous comics here. La Foka is the story of …

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Stinktober #17 & #18

Michael Muranaka – Creepers / Don Carnage Man I’m kicking some butt on (St)Inktober right now. I’m gonna be caught up tomorrow (I think). I worked on a ton of music today. All around, I’m feeling pretty positive. Let’s see it through y’all-

Paternity Tests at Night

Don't switch the blade on the guy with the shades, oh no (because after this commercial break we're going to find out if he's the father) #coreyhart #maury #funny A post shared by The Art Of Jesse Garcia (@jessegarciastudio) on Jun 14, 2016 at 5:29pm PDT Comic collab, art by @jessegarciastudio and colors by me.


@mgmuranaka and @hey_jesseray are at it again #slingblade #taken A photo posted by The Art Of Jesse Garcia (@jessegarciastudio) on Jun 6, 2016 at 11:58am PDT Jesse Ray, my Doomtrain Studios partner, and I are working on a (hopefully) weekly comic, in which Jesse divines hilarious quips and situational pop-culture faux pas and illustrates them, …

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