Back, Back Again?

This is a quick entry that I promised myself I’d do to get the ball rolling.

I’m just going to spill it. I am not great at starting things and being consistent. I’ve constantly made it a goal to start a business, gone hard for a week or so, then lost it.

My plan this go round is to strive to achieve smaller goals in smaller bits at a time. Baby steps.

My goal in writing this isn’t to teach or be an inspiration necessarily, but to document my progress and hopefully provide good information for others along the way.

I have set goals for myself for the week. I have action items. This week I want to tell you about 1 of my 2 personal entrepreneurial endeavors: Muraknockout. My dear and beloved design company. I will lay out for you my immediate and future goals, my tentative plan of action, and the tools I am using to get myself by.

No frills this time. Just progress. Hopefully.