An Analysis

I have many faults. One is lack of consistency. Another is that I feel too vulnerable to share my work without it being perfect. And I recently discovered a 3rd: I don’t listen to my customers.

In 2011 I started making fonts. It started out as a fun hobby, and in 2014 I figured why not post some up as premium fonts online and see what happens. In 5 years, with little or no promotion, these premium fonts have earned me $1,164. Don’t get me wrong, it took effort to make them, but it’s over a grand that I wouldn’t have made otherwise. Taking into account Google Adsense earnings and a few other partnership offers, I’ve probably made closer to 3 grand total.

This is not a brag or a boast, this is me pointing out a missed opportunity.

I can’t attribute this quote, but I recently heard “If you can sell something once, you can sell it 100 thousand times.”

I definitely deal with impostor syndrome at times. I feel that for whatever reason my work isn’t good enough. It lacks a polish. It lacks something.

If you listen to any self improvement thing ever they will all tell you that you will never achieve perfection. I think the Buddha or someone said that, actually. My point is this: Despite how I feel about myself, products that I have created have generated interest.

I haven’t even pointed out the worst part yet. Most of the earnings from my premium fonts come from 2 fonts specifically, and one of them I removed years ago because I didn’t like it. I lost an opportunity because I wasn’t happy with my work, and I absolutely didn’t listen to my customer base.

I sell my digital fonts through, which I would HIGHLY recommend. The reason why I am baring my Sellfy analytical soul to you is because I thought that this passive income I was creating for myself was so marginal that it wasn’t worth pursuing. My own self doubt held me back from building something better.

I am currently restructuring brands that I have created and I plan to detail them as much as I can along the way.

I am going to focus first on my Font/Design company Muraknockout, and topics I will soon cover are:

  • Raising Prices
  • Sales Funnels
  • Mailchimp Integration
  • Optimization

My goal is to provide insight along the way. I will see you all on the other side-