A Man, A Plan

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When the sweaty walls are bangin’/
I don’t fuck with family planning/
Make it Rain Girl, Make it Rain/
Make it Rain Girl, Make it Rain


My 2019 Stats:

  • Number of Kids: 1
  • Dogs: 2
  • Properties Owned: 0
  • Debt: A Lot

The Plan:

I have 2 brands that I’ve started to develop that I’ve somewhat abandoned. I plan on developing these brands to create passive income for myself with the intention of paying off my debt, getting a house, and eventually saving money.

Brand 1: Muraknockout Media (Fonts)

In 2011 I moved to El Salvador to marry my wife, Diana. Being jobless in a foreign country, I dipped my toes into the tepid waters of Font Design. I immediately took an interest in it and to date I’ve developed 50+ fonts. I’ve tried in the past to move forward with this passion project of mine, but I’ve discouraged myself into holding back on every occasion. Without promotion I still sell a few fonts a month via Sellfy.com and I make a few hundred dollars a year via Google Adsense revenue.


  • 50+ Fonts
  • Over 4 million downloads on DaFont.com

Brand 2: ADK Clothing

A few years ago I got really amped to start a clothing company that would feature my art. I haven’t made a (legitimate) sale yet, but I’m not giving up on this project because creating art is extremely important to me, and I want to push it as a creative outlet.


  • Basically 0 sales (except for family and friends)

I want to build these brands,  so now what?

It’s simple, if I had enough fuel. My plan is to give a shit, strategically use free and low cost internet marketing to convert sales and develop brand awareness and communities around both of my passion projects.

Additionally, all of the research I do I plan on distilling down and sharing in this blog, as well as creating simple feature videos explaining why I use the resources that I use.

Side Notes:

  • I also plan on using quotes and references to The Office to give practical advice

Stock Photos via Pexels.com