Muraknockout Media + Design, Branding

Years: 2012-2015
Responsibilities: Branding, Logo Design, Art Direction, Illustration

Muraknockout Media + Design is my personal design company. In advertising fonts that I have created I decided to go a more artsy and minimalistic route, creating characters to go with various font designs. My wife and I started this project, and we also offer gear through Society6.

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Fett Recordings, Branding

Years: 2014-2015
Responsibilities: Branding, Logo Design, Art Direction

Fett Recordings is a record label run by my good friend John Gilpin, aka Lex Loofah. Much analysis and planning was done beforehand, and the goal of the design was to remain simplistic while conveying the direction of the label. This style was specifically developed to remain eye catching at full size, but more importantly as a thumbnail, which record label graphics are most frequently displayed on sites like Beatport and Traxsource.


Sample Album Cover


Sample Facebook Promo Graphics


Sample Youtube Graphics


Compilation cover with logo rendered in 3D


yws-screenshot-03, Custom WordPress Site

Years: 2015
Responsibilities: Custom WordPress Page Designs

“Michael is a great friend and the best Web Designer I know. He can turn sites from bland to the most professional looking website you can imagine. I highly recommend him and I know he can make your project the best it can be.”
Emmanuel Heredia, Founder and CEO

YourWholesaleSpot is a site that I have been helping develop for the last year or so with my friend Emmanuel Heredia. Emmanuel has a number of years in the wholesale business, and wanted to put the best of his experience into one website.

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Chase Bethea: Audio Virtuosity, Custom WordPress Site

Years: 2008-2015
Responsibilities: Custom WordPress Template

“Michael’s skillset and work ethic is the perfect example and standard of professionalism and efficiency that is extremely hard to find these days. He has built numerous websites for me and every time he does I receive countless compliments from my clients and peers. He is very competent, creative and great to work with!”
Chase Bethea

Chase Bethea is a good friend of mine, and I have been helping him with his portfolio website from its inception. We’ve revised the design a number of times, and its most modern incarnation was launched this year.

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rewardtag-01, Website Design

Years: 2012-2014
Responsibilities: Custom Website Template

Michael is extremely prompt, professional, and never disappoints.  He can do “anything visual” that you would ever need.  And he does it in a timely manner.  We used him for design, HTML/CSS, and animation, and as our site can demonstrate everything was done at an extremely high level.  The quality speaks for itself — but don’t take my word for it, take a look at our site.  We plan on using Michael for all-things-design into the future for RewardTag, and are very thankful that some friends of ours referred him to us.”
Brian Nichols, Founder and CEO of RewardTag

RewardTag was a referral client who came to me with a mockup that another designer had created for their home page. I built out their template, and mocked up designs for 14 other pages, and then built out their website template.

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Sugarfina, Website Design

Years: 2012-2015
Responsibilities: Custom Website Design, Custom Function Integration

“Michael has that perfect combination of design and technical skill – he’s a one-stop-shop for well-designed websites and custom social media pages. Michael is an expert with social media sites – Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. – and can create custom pages that really make your brand stand out.  He works quickly, provides incredible customer service and delivers a great product for a very reasonable price.  Michael makes you feel like you’re his most important client – his communication and follow-through are the best I’ve ever experienced.  Once your project is done, he frequently checks in to see how things are going and if there’s anything you need.  You can tell he takes a tremendous amount of pride in his work and I highly recommend him!”
Rosie ONeill, Founder of Sugarfina

I was tasked with creating the website design to launch Sugarfina, a chic candy boutique, now with numerous physical locations throughout California. Sugarfina started out as a solely online business, and has grown in a very short time. Sugarfina has also been featured on many television programs and magazines.

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